Memory Foam Dog Beds

There are around 9 million dogs kept as pets in the UK and as a nation we love pampering our dogs so there are a huge amount of dog beds, dog toys, food, clothes, leads and other things to be found and purchased for the little or large pooch in your life.

Dogs are indeed our best friends and the pet of choice for all kinds of people across the nation and therefore it’s important we choose a dog bed that is not only nice to lie on but will also entice our dogs to want to use it. After all a Dog Bed should be nice to cosy up and fall asleep on after that long walk out in the country or park.

The Foam Shop are experts in the supply of foams for all kinds of things and our recommendation is that you can’t get a better dog bed than one made of memory foam. Memory Foam Dog beds are really, really comfortable and as well as being lovely to use are also very good for your dogs health.

Like us humans, our canine friends suffer from illnesses such as arthritis and hip problems which can cause a great deal of pain in their joints. Also like us there isn’t a lot to be done to help them other than visits to the vet and surgery and a lot of dogs will develop problems as they get older as most mammals do.

Memory foam is great to allow a dog to get a good amount of sleep and will take the pressure of the painful areas of a dogs joints, providing support and comfort. Even if your dog has not got any joint problems a memory foam bed is still a great thing for your dog to have to get some quality sleep in superb comfort.

A memory foam dog bed will mould itself to the shape of your dog however it is laying, giving support all areas of his or her body, to provide the maximum comfort, so a dog can sleep soundly and awaken refreshed and ready to go for a walk or have a play.

Large dogs get a great deal of benefit from memory foam dog beds as sleeping on a rug or hard floor can create damage due to pressure being put on areas that hurt and inflame joints.

Memory foam is also hypoallergenic which means it won’t cause any adverse reactions if your dog does have any allergies.

Vets and Rescue centres highly recommend memory foam dog beds as they are the best bed you can buy for your dog and can lessen injuries and provide comfort for many years. They are also great for helping dogs feel comfortable after surgery.

At The Foam Shop we can cut to size memory foam to suit your dog and provide tailor made removable covers that are made from hard wearing fabrics so your dog bed will last and carry on providing comfort for the smaller or larger member of your family.

Keeping your Dog healthy

A good quality food is a must and it’s best to not use a cheap food as they are high in fats and don’t have good nutritional value. They are also high in sugar which is not very good for your dog and create problems with diabetes and hyper activity. Cheap dog foods also have a lot of filler to pack them out. Always purchase the best food you can afford for your dog.

Visit the vet regularly for checkups and to make sure your dog is healthy and in tip top condition. Always de-worm and de-flea regularly. Many vets have plans that you pay monthly to cover the costs of any medication needed from as little as £10.99 a month. Always ensure you have a good quality pet insurance policy.

Always exercise your god daily for around 60-120 minutes. This will vary depending on the breed of dog but all dogs benefit from a healthy amount of exercise, as will you. Dogs love going out and having a good run, it keeps them fit and active and relieves boredom. Dogs are explorers so let them explore and be happy.

Play with your dog and provide them with stimulating toys and games. A bored and lonely dog will get depressed, anxious and end up getting ill. Dogs think much the same as we do and you wouldn’t want to be cooped up in a house on your own all the time with nothing to do. Dogs are intelligent, active creatures and need to be given time and attention to thrive. Providing puzzles, toys and games will keep their minds healthy, active and engaged and they will be much happier.

Always keep your dog well groomed and make sure their coat is regularly brushed; this helps get rid of itches and things like ticks, fleas and knots. It is also a great way of bonding with your dog. Dogs are pack animals and enjoy things like grooming as they feel part of a family. Wash your dog to keep the coat healthy, remove dirt and prevent skin problems and also cut their nails to prevent them growing into the paws.

Buy your dog a memory foam dog bed so they can sleep in comfort and feel pampered, awakening refreshed and happy for the day ahead. A memory foam dog bed is by far the best bed you can buy and will provide years of good quality sleep. They are also good for humans to use too and will give you the same benefits as your dog is getting.