Foam is one of the most common types of material in use today and is used for all sorts of wild and wonderful things apart from the traditional uses in furniture and upholstery. There are many different types of foam from the standard and common flexible polyurethane right through to some exotic and rare foams that were invented for space programs.

Here are some common uses of this amazing material:

· Artificial Flowers and Bouquet Holders.

· Archery.

· Acoustic Foams.

· Air Conditioning Seals.

· Air Filters.

· Anti-Vibration.

· Bar Stools.

· Bean Bag filling.

· Bed Support Wedges.

· Boat and Yacht seating.

· Bed Bolsters.

· Booster Cushions.

· Boxing Equipment.

· Bras.

· Bunk Bed Mattresses.

· Buoyancy Aids.

· Cabin Cruiser and Long Boat Beds.

· Camera Cases and Lens Cases.

· Camping Roll-up Bedding Mats.

· Car and Commercial Vehicle Seats.

· Car Dashboards.

· Car Door Interiors.

· Car Headlining.

· Car Speaker Holders.

· Caravan Seating and Bedding.

· Carpet Slippers.

· Carpet Underlay.

· CD and DVD Cases.

· Chair Backs and Arms.

· Children’s Toys.

· Children’s Activity Sets.

· Church Pews.

· Classic Car Seats.

· Coccyx Protection and Padding.

· Commercial Grass Cutting Equipment.

· Construction Industry Foams.

· Cot Cushions.

· Cushioned Floors

· Custom made Mattresses.

· Day-care Equipment.

· Dining Room Chairs.

· Display Case Padding.

· Draught Exclusion.

· Ear Protection.

· Ercol Seat Foams.

· Exercise and Aerobics Mats.

· Fabric Backing.

· Floristry Foam.

· Foam Pits.

· Footwear.

· Futons.

· Graphics Card and Processor Packaging.

· Guitar Cases.

· Gun and Rifle Cases.

· Gymnastics and Gym Equipment.

· Hard Cases.

· Hard Drive Protection.

· Hospital Beds.

· Hospital Equipment.

· Hot and Cold Drinks Insulation.

· HVAC Foam Seals.

· Impact and Stab Vests.

· Insulation.

· Instrument Cases.

· Ironing Boards.

· Karate Mats and Pads.

· Kneeling Pads.

· Laptop Bags and Protection.

· Leg Risers and Leg rests.

· Machine Tool Cutting Tool Protection and Packaging.

· Martial Arts Practise.

· Martial Arts Practise Weapons.

· Mattress Cores.

· Mattress Toppers.

· Memory Foam Pillows.

· Microphones.

· Mirror and Artwork Frame Corner protection.

· Mobile Phone Packaging.

· Motor Home Beds and Seating.

· Motorcycle Seats – Custom and Production.

· Motorcycle Helmets.

· Motorsport Protection.

· Mouse Mats.

· Nearly all modern Mattresses.

· Neck Supports.

· Packaging Materials.

· Paint Rollers and Pads.

· Paint Stencils.

· Pet Bedding.

· Physical Therapy Apparatus.

· Pipe Lagging.

· Pilates Pads and Blocks.

· Playground and Children’s Outdoor Play sets.

· Plant Pot Foams.

· Polishing Mops.

· Postage Protection.

· Racing Driver Neck Protection.

· Recording Studio and Sound Room Tiles.

· Sanding Blocks.

· Scale Model Packaging.

· Shoulder Pads.

· Skipping Rope Handles.

· Sofa and Couch Cushions and padding.

· Soft Toys.

· Soldering Iron Cleaning Pads.

· Sound Proofing Materials.

· Sponges – Washing and Bathing.

· Steering Wheels.

· Support Wedges.

· Swimming Aids.

· Teardrop Trailers.

· The filling in Cushions.

· Toe Separators.

· Tool Cases.

· Tractor Cab Padding.

· Trampoline Padding.

· Upholstery.

· UPVC Door and Window Draught Excluders.

· Vacuum Cleaner Filters.

· Vintage Car Seats.

· Wall Padding.

· Wheelchair Padding and Cushions.

· Window Seats.

· Yoga Cushions and Blocks.

At the Foam Shop we can cut all kinds of foams to your requirements to suit your project or commercial applications and can provide foams for the above. We can cut foams to different thicknesses and any shape from a template if you supply the dimensions.

If you want a custom cut foam shape in any quantity for your project, email or call us to discuss your needs. Some examples are shown below.

Upholstery Foams:

At the Foam Shop we have many years experience in the upholstery sector having been in the business since 1969. We are able to carry out a wide range of upholstery tasks to refurbish any style of furniture and give it a new lease of life. Using our huge stock of foams you can also go the DIY route and re-upholster your own seating replacing the foam to give it an as new feel.

Carry Cases:

Foam can be custom cut for any sort of protective carry case for items such as measuring equipment, cameras, scale models, radio controlled aircraft and cars, guns and rifles, medical supplies and much more.

If you are on a budget you can make an inexpensive protective case by purchasing a cheap aluminium case and having the foam cut by us to suit whatever you are going to carry inside it.

We stock foams that are ideal for such applications as they don’t hold moisture or get damp, are shock resistant, hold their shape over many years without compressing and don’t hold any chemicals or gases which will attack expensive items.