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Do you think you should get a new mattress or just a memory foam topper?

For the majority of people buying a new mattress is not high on the list especially with most household incomes going towards other things. Buying a new mattress whether it’s a traditional type or one made from memory foam is also not an easy decision. Which one do you get? How much do you spend? Are memory foam mattresses better or are sprung mattresses more comfy? Memory foam mattresses can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds depending on your choice, so it’s a big outlay. So instead we come to memory foam mattress toppers which are a great deal cheaper than a full mattress, but will give the same comfort as one and greater comfort than a traditional sprung mattress unless it is a high end one that costs well over £750.00.

So the question is should you buy a traditional mattress, a full memory foam mattress or a topper and what is the difference?

A memory foam topper is a thinner layer of foam which is somewhere between ¾” to 4” thick which is placed on top of your current mattress and creates an extra layer of comfort and support. Full memory foam mattresses are constructed with the same thicknesses of memory foam as a topper and then this top layer has a reflex foam and sprung core/base. This gives a full memory foam mattress a strong supportive interior with a comfortable top to sleep on. A full memory foam mattress is not built entirely of foam as it would not be supportive under the weight of a human and you would disappear into the middle of it as you folded in. A traditional mattress has almost the same construction as a full memory foam mattress but without the supportive foam layer on top

This is why on older mattresses you can sometimes feel the springs coming through and digging you in the back as there is no comfy foam on top to prevent it.

What is the lifetime of a mattress?

Mattresses should ideally be replaced once over 7 years old and ideally 5 years old. Any longer than this and they become unhealthy to sleep on offering far less support and comfort to allow you to rest properly. They also fill up with dirt, dust and bugs which can create breathing problems, again causing restlessness and lack of proper sleep.

If your mattress is over 7 years old you really should consider getting it replaced with a new one to prevent problems with back and neck pain, poor sleep and breathing issues. If your mattress is younger than 5-7 years but is getting uncomfortable, is beginning to sag and the springs are digging you in the back, again you should consider replacing it. A memory foam mattress topper will not alleviate these issues. They may at first but as the core construction of the mattress deteriorates further, even with the topper you will still end up with the same comfort and sleep problems.

If a mattress has clearly gone past its sell by date it is always recommended you replace it as soon as possible.

So what is a memory foam topper for?

A memory foam topper should be used if you find that your mattress is a bit too firm and is not very comfy. Toppers are also good if your mattress is less than 3-4 years old and is not as supportive as it used to be. The key to using a memory foam topper properly is to get one if you know the construction of your mattress is intact and in good condition. A memory foam topper should be used to provide additional comfort and support and should not be used to cover up the issues with a broken mattress. A mattress topper is an enhancement to a hard or uncomfy mattress that is in good condition.

A memory foam mattress topper may seem like a great way of saving costs on buying a new mattress but if your mattress is clearly old then it becomes a false economy as it will not provide the support you were hoping for. If your mattress is old, then instead of buying a topper we would suggest saving up for a new mattress and a memory foam topper or a full memory foam mattress.

If you have an old mattress then buying a new mattress is always going to be better for your health and sleeping than just getting a mattress topper alone. It really is worth saving the extra for a memory foam mattress if you can afford it, because the benefits are so great and the comfort you experience is pretty amazing.

At The Foam Shop we can provide both custom memory foam toppers and foam mattresses for your bed at an affordable cost made of high quality foam in all sorts of combinations, to suit what you would consider comfortable. All our Foam is produced here in the UK and is of the best quality so you can be assured of years of good use.

The Foam Shop can also make custom memory foam and foam mattress toppers along with custom sized mattresses for motorhomes, caravans, yachts and boats, sleeper cabs, summer houses, bunk beds, canal boats, hotels, B&B’s and anything else you would want to sleep in.