Sun Lounger Repair

Sun Lounger and Garden Furniture Repairs

Spring is in the air and summer is but a few short months away so it’s probably time to drag out those sun loungers from the shed or conservatory and see what condition they are in. It is always nice to sit around with a nice cool drink in the sun sipping it through a straw as you watch the wispy clouds, birds and butterflies float by. Trouble is the sun lounger has seen better days and the foam interior has collapsed and it’s really, really uncomfortable as it digs into your back which has kind of spoilt the illusion you had of a perfect relaxing afternoon.

New Sun Lounger Prices

So you go and look online for a new sun lounger and find they are a lot more expensive than you realised, some are even getting on for the £350.00 mark which is the same cost as an average sofa. Even on eBay quality padded Sun Loungers with cushions are in the region of £185.00 which is quite a large amount of money to spend for something that sees a few months of use when the sun does decide to come out.

At The Foam Shop we have the perfect answer for dealing with Sun Loungers that have seen better days. Why buy new when you can have them repaired by us or do a DIY refurbishment?

If you wish to go the DIY route, we can supply everything you need to return your old saggy, dirty and torn Sun Lounger back to its former glory, from a wide range of hard wearing fabrics suitable for outdoor use to all kinds of interior fillings and cushion foams. We even have a handy online calculator so you can cost up your new Sun Lounger cushion foam for free and then once you have the size you want, it’s then a simple matter of adding it to your basket and ordering it to be delivered wherever you are in the UK. Within a few days you can have a Sun Lounger which is as good as new for a fraction of the cost.

Sun Lounger Foam Costs

As an example, a new foam core for you Sun Lounger cushion at approx 1 metre wide by 2 metres in length, we can supply for just £78.00 in firm foam suitable for daily use, which is a substantial saving on replacing a lounger.

Here is an example of a Sun Lounger we recently repaired for a customer. They had assumed it was beyond repair and they would have to spend a lot of money on replacing it but we completely refurbished the cushions and fabrics to give them a new lease of life. They should now get many more years use out of the Sun Lounger and the zipped cushion covers are also easily removable for weekly washing.

sun lounger repair sun lounger repair

Another way of avoiding the expense of a decent sun lounger is to find a ropey old one at a car boot sale, on Gumtree, on eBay, on the free items pages on Facebook or even down the local tip and as long as the frame is in good working order just buy the foam and covers for a far cheaper price and do a DIY repair.

If you need professional looking covers we can even supply custom made cushions covers for your lounger project so they will look as good as new.

Conservatory Furniture Upholstery

We also have a full range of upholstery services and over 40 years of expertise in repairing all kinds of furniture so if you choose to have your Sun Lounger or Conservatory Furniture repaired by us you can be assured that you will get the finest service and quality available.

We are looking forward to lounging around on a nice summers weekend basking in the sun so now’s the time to think about getting your Sun Lounger in tip top condition ready to relax on those summer evenings

If you would like advice on your sun lounger repair or wish to discuss with us bringing your garden furniture into us for a repair you can call us on 01473 624034 for a truly good old fashioned customer first service.