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Foam Cut To Size

Custom Cut Foam delivered to anywhere in the UK

foam cut to size in the uk

Mail Order Foam delivered anywhere in the UK

At The Foam Shop we can supply a large and useful variety of Foam Products cut to the size and shape you require for your DIY upholstery project or repair. We stock many different grades of Foam all of which can be cut to your dimensions if you supply us with a template, a sample, drawing or sketch.

We can supply you with custom cut foam within the UK for most applications for example sound proofing, sofa cushions, packaging, protection, soft toys, yachts and boats, cars and vehicles and many other things.

All our Foam is manufactured in the UK and complies to British Standards. Foam can be cut precisely and accurately in complicated shapes to fit your product and we can provide foam in any quantity from one off parts to large quantities for production and manufacturing.

We can deliver your foam to you quickly within the UK for a reasonable postage cost and all our foam is competitive and affordable and is of the utmost quality.

Ordering from The Foam Shop is simple and easy, you can use our calculators to get a quote for the size and shape of foam you need and then add the quote to the basket to go through a normal online shop ordering process

Custom Cut Foam Calculators:

Our Foam Calculators are available on the pages below:

How to get you desired size:

Obtaining the correct size piece of foam for your project, what ever that may be, is easy.

We can cut foam to your shapes and sizes using the following:

  • Templates.
  • Original Pieces
  • Drawings and Diagrams
  • Sketches
  • Via our online quotation process

If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help:

Got a strange request?

We are not averse to taking on a challenge; here are a few examples of requests from other customers we have been able to help.

  • Costumes and Props for local theatres.
  • MOD Crash Mats
  • Karate Mats
  • Horse Heads and Tails Sponges
  • Fruit and Vegetable Landing Mats
  • Chin Rests for Violinists
  • Camera Cases for Celebrity Photographers
  • Gun Cases
  • Sales Reps Cases
  • Bespoke Guitar Cases for Chart Topping Bands
  • Disinfectant Pads
  • Orthodontic Foam Pads for Hospitals
  • Foam Protection around Posts and Pillars
  • Golf Driving Range Partition padding
  • Play Areas
  • Exhibition Stands and Models
  • Footprint Pads for Police
  • Pads for underneath Horse Saddles
  • Shock Absorbers for Horses Hooves
  • Ironing Board Foam
  • Motorbike Seats
  • Closed Cell Foam for Canoe Cushions and Buoyancy
  • Leg Supports for Hospitals
  • Church Kneelers and Pews
  • Gardening Kneeling Support
  • Sketches

If we have managed to help out all of these there’s a good chance we can help you too!! Try us today

foam shop quality

With today's internet market and the constant strives to be competitive on price, you can rest assured that here at the foam shop, we do not compromise on quality just to be competitive. We do not sell joined, damaged or discolored products, and all of our supplies are of the highest specification and we do not make any purchases of B grade products.

The Foam Shop; where quality and customer satisfaction comes first.