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Foam FAQ's

The Foam Shop Foam Supply FAQ's

Does the same grade of Foam vary in colour?

Like all plastics and rubber based materials there will always be slight differences in shade from different production runs. this does not affect the performance of the foam.

Can i visit The Foam Shop?

We always welcome visitors to our shop.

Can I collect an order?

If you place an order online with us and are local please ring us to sort out a convenient collection time.

Can some Foams be used outside?

Some foams are waterproof such as Plastazote and Closed Cell Foams and are suitable for outdoor use, some such as Polyurethane foams will need to be covered to protect them.

What is the thinnest foam you can supply?

The thinnest foam we supply online is 6mm. If you need thinner please telephone for your requirements.

Can I bring or send in my cushions for refilling?

Yes you can please visit our cushion refilling service page.

Is foam safe to use?

The foams we supply are all manufactured within the UK and are not supplied from overseas production. All our Foam comply with British Standard and contain no chemicals that are harmful.

Can I call The Foam Shop for advice?

We always welcome customers telephoning us for advice and questions.

What is the best thickness of foam for dining chairs?

A 2" thick firm foam in a high density is most suitable.

What are Stockinettes?

Stockinettes are undercovers that help protect the covers being abraded by the foam. They also allow the covers to be removed more easily as the foam tends not to grip.

What is Polyester Wrap?

Polyester wrap protects the foams edges and stops the outer cover and foam creasing in use. It is recommended that you have these wraps to prolong the life of your cushions.

Do you supply cushion covers?

Yes we have a custom cushion cover making service.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is a foam which when squashed or folded will move back to its original shape. It is therefore ideal for Pillows and Mattresses.

What is Reflex Foam?

This foam instantly springs back to shape when squashed.

Does Foam have a smell?

Foam like all plastic and rubbed based products has a smell when it is new. But this reduces over a period of about 2 months. Different foams have different smells

Does Foam lose its colour?

Foam can discolour when exposed to the UV rays in light and can fade over time. This does not lessen its performance.



With today's internet market and the constant strives to be competitive on price, you can rest assured that here at the foam shop, we do not compromise on quality just to be competitive. We do not sell joined, damaged or discolored products, and all of our supplies are of the highest specification and we do not make any purchases of B grade products.

The Foam Shop; where quality and customer satisfaction comes first.